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Finally got some heads ( with many thanks to Ted Flack from Mopar and Todd! ).  Of course Dan is exceptionally busy putting some last minute stuff together for all those heading to Charlotte.  Maybe this week will be our week.  The car's ready for the motor, not sure what the whole deal is going to look like though.  No primary sponsor yet, but we've been in this position before.  At this point we have less than 2 weeks till the first practice.  I'm kinda curious how the track will be with all this snow.  Put some more pics up of the Syracuse effort...


So it seems like it's been a while.  Not a whole lot of racing related stuff to talk about.  We finally got to tearing the car apart after Syracuse and found out the problem we were chasing.  Looks like the X was broken in the bottom of the chassis.  I'm pretty confident that was the vibration problem we were chasing all week long, and it also explains why the car was never as good as it was on the first day.  That's what you get when you stick your left front tire into the Jersey barrier at 120+ miles per hour.  Meanwhile, back at the ranch, I sent the frame to Pete and he fixed us up in nice style.  Some new powdercoat, and the old girl looks brand new again.  No dramatic changes for the chassis, pretty much the same old thing.  Right now the car is about half together, and the clock is ticking down for warmups.  We're having some trouble getting engine parts, so we'll probably have to get a little creative to get something ready in time for the start of the season.  I have a nice composite and a few Syracuse pics with the new paint scheme from Syracuse over in the pics department.