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So we were looking forward to these last 2 races, a chance to run some extra laps and maybe pick Howard's pocket a little bit.  We started off well when Adam picked the pole for the heat race.  Jimmy had decided to change the setup this week and it looked like the changes were working pretty well.  I jumped out to the lead and the car was really good.  I was pretty psyched cause winning the heat meant we would have a 2nd row starting spot for the feature.  Whoops, wait a minute, looks like the track changed the rules this year without telling anyone.  In their infinite wisdom, they decided to redraw the top 4 finishers in the 4 heat races.  Just your basic top 16 redraw.  Pretty discouraging.  And of course we used up all our luck with the heat draw and picked 14th.  When the green flew I pushed up in 1 and 2 and about 4 cars pounced on me.  There was a quick caution and I think I was 18th.  On the restart there was a jingle in 2 and I was able to sneak by and get back to 14th.  There were a bunch more cautions and each time I was able to grab a few more spots.  The car was still really good and the track was pretty fast.  With about 20 to go there was another caution and I was 5th.  I thought I had something for the top 4 but as the race ran down, the car just started laying down.  We finished 5th and unfortunately I think we blew a head gasket which pushed all the water out of the cooling system and cooked the motor.  And that unfortunately killed our plans for running the 358 show the following day.


Wow, what a night.  The mods had double features, and they made quite a mess out of them.  There was about a 12 car wreck in the first one that had the track canceling all the heat races due to time constraints.  So that meant we got some warm-ups, and waited till the end of the night for our feature.  I started 13th and after 3 quick yellows and 3 inside row restarts, I was about 17th.  Unfortunately during one of those restarts I got shoved into the car in front of me hard and couldn't believe that I didn't get a flat.  I should have known better.  About 5 laps later I had a right front going down and had to pit for a new tire.  To the rear with 12 to go, the best I could do was get back to 12th.  And so ends the season, putting us in 2econd place in the points.