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So after missing warm-ups, having our opening night rained out, and not being able to get on the track during the week, we finally are able to run the car.  I went out for warm-ups and the track was just about non-existent.  Jimmy and I made a few changes for the heat and we rolled off 8th.  I got about as far as the 4th turn when Artie and I re-introduced ourselves with some contact.  The guy on my outside was in a full tilt push and starting to come down on me pretty fast.  I moved left just as Artie was making a charge on my inside and we got together.  We all kept on going and the best I could muster up was a 5th.  We made a couple more changes for hot laps and I still wasn't happy with the car, so we changed a spring, a bar, and a half a dozen other things before the feature.  I was starting the feature 14th and on the pace laps the motor was loading up a little bit.  I popped the trans into neutral and cleared it out and when I went to put it back into gear the shifter broke.  I coasted to a stop on the back stretch and got pushed into the pits.  Jimmy used a screwdriver to get the car into gear but we weren't able to get back out onto the track before they completed 1 lap.  Game over.


Rain, rain, rain...


Got some pics of the new car, more to follow soon...



For those who may not know, we've dissolved the Team Goewey racing team and are selling all the equipment.  I can't thank my brother Bryan enough for his generosity and support for the last 8 years, allowing to me start racing and providing me with everything I could ask for to achieve the successes that I have.  I've done things and have gone places that I just never would have had the opportunity to do, thanks to his support.  

So before I had too much time to ponder what I might do on Saturday nights with all my new-found free time, Kevin Groff offered me a ride in my old car.  Kevin is a former racer in the Sportsman class at Lebanon Valley and owns a very successful plumbing business locally in Wynantskill.  Kevin's working hard assembling support for the 2006 season, and I'm fortunate to have both Jimmy and Bobby offer to bring their help to the new team.  Thanks Kevin for the opportunity and I'm looking forward to a great 2006 season!