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Well, it came right down to the wire.  We finished the car Saturday afternoon and headed off to the track.  I spent warmups bedding in new brakes so I didn't get a chance to push the car very hard.  I took the green from the inside front row and had to check up when the 83 came down to block me.   That left the door open for the 11 to pass us both on the outside and I came out of 2 in 3rd.  I dogged the 83 for a few laps and was able to pass him on the outside going into 3 with 2 laps to go and I finished up 2nd.  The car felt pretty good and Jimmy just made a few small adjustments for the feature.  The feature however, was a little late arriving.  They started the mods and there were about 5 yellows in the first 2 laps.  The track was wicked dusty and visibility was 0.  They stopped the race and tried watering the inside down to contain some of the dust and  ran the rest of the mod feature.  I started the Sportsman main in 5th and when the caution flew on the first lap I was 6th.  On the restart I got a run on the high side and passed 2 cars in 1 and 2 and a third going down the backstretch.  The caution flew again and I took the restart on the inside of the front row next to the 83.  This time he gave me room and I slipped past him going into turn 1 on the bottom.  Several cautions later we were able to claim our first race win of the year.


And we're racing again!  Kevin made the ultimate sacrifice and chubbed up for a new 07 Teo.  We've been busy getting that sucker put together and it looks like we'll be at the track opening nite for practice.